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Francisca Larawan Porto Photographer


Lover of natural light.

Hey there! I'm Francisca, I'm 26, and even though I grew up between Entroncamento and Tomar, my heart has settled in Porto, Portugal.

I've got a BA degree in Journalism, and I enjoy fashion, social media, the office, webdesign, cats and writing music-related things every once in a while.

I've been doing photography for over 12 years now (started at the ripe age of 14), and I love getting to be a tourist guide while I photograph and have the best time.

In my many years of experience I've done mostly portraits, but also weddings and fashion shoots, and I've also worked with brands to bring stories to life.

I hope I get to meet you and capture some of your essence!



Bought my first DSLR and began taking photos of friends for fun. Later that year became the in-house Fashion Photographer for a local boutique in my hometown.


Started working with local influencers and got really into lifestyle and portrait photography.


Moved to London to study Criminology (I know), and later changed to Journalism, where I knew I would be able to learn about different kinds of media, mainly writing, photography, video and design.


Established some photography clients while in London, shot catwalks across LFW, and got into photojournalism.


Finished the internship and began doing freelance photography full-time, shooting mostly portraits, fashion and weddings.


Moved to Porto to join a marketing agency doing social media management and content creation as an intern.


Moved back to Portugal and continued working with local influencers. With lockdown, I also started doing some freelance photo retouching.


Started dipping my toes into music photography, writing and shooting shows for Watch and Listen. Interned at two fashion brands as an e-commerce photographer and a photo retoucher.

Follow me around!

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