“It is everything I thought it was going to be and more” - Alice Heather

8 OCTOBER 2016

Originally from Hampshire, 19-year-old Alice Heather had to start working at a young age if she wanted to see her dream of going to University become real. Sister of four, Alice worked at the coffee shop The Paddle in her hometown, in order to save some money to have a nice head start in her university experience. When asked about the experience so far, she says “It is everything I thought it was going to be and more, even if the view from my window is a brick wall.”

During year ten at school, she studied English and Media, subjects which made her interests for photography, video and writing grow bigger, making her realize that “journalism is way more than writing for a newspaper”. Heather believes that, by studying journalism, she is being prepared for a job that “does not even exist yet” and hopes to find a place somewhere in an online publisher like Vice or Vox.


Travelling is a big part of her life and, by having family all around the world, her choices get quite easy when it comes to picking destinations. Despite feeling lucky for having such great opportunities, Alice feels that she only gets to see the ‘good side’ of countries. With that being, when questioned if travel journalism could be in one of her future options, she answers “travelling for me is more a relaxation thing, not work. But you know, if someone asked me to stay in a nice hotel in the Maldives, I wouldn’t say no”.

University can sometimes be rather overwhelming, especially in London, and to fight that feeling Alice sets her alarm every single day, to try to make the most of her time in the big city. By doing that, she ends up spending only the time that she is actually asleep in her bedroom. Additionally, she tries to deal with the distance from her hometown friends and family by writing traditional letters and postcards, as they are “much more personal than a simple text message”, she explains.

After being asked what she would like to be doing five years from now, Alice answers with very simple words “I would want to be successful, not in terms of money, but in terms of where I have got to”.

Alice Heather

If your life had a playlist, which 5 songs would that playlist have?

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever
Britney Spears – Toxic
Drake – Hold On
The Weeknd – Earned it
Oh Wonder – Body Gold


Written for Journalism Foundations
(BA) Journalism at London South Bank University